Men, please wear boxers or shorts under loose, comfortable clothing. Ladies, please wear a bikini top or other top that can easily be untied under loose, comfortable clothing. Please wear flat, secure shoes or go barefoot for safety. The instructor will assist every student to feel safe during the massage class. No one will be exposed beyond the part of the body being massaged at any time. While each class group has a slightly different “vibe”- serious, funny, happy, studious, loving … it is always a safe and respectful environment. Our instructors are trained to ensure it is so.


Please bring water in a closed container to have with you at all times beneath the massage table. Gourmet sweets will be provided to you after class. All equipment is provided for you including high quality massage table, linens, lotions, and music except additional blankets. (If you get easily cold or have other special requirements, please bring extra blankets or anything you foresee you may need). Tips are a great way to say “Thank you” to your instructor and especially when you have purchased a deeply discounted class. Please have cash on hand to avoid the embarrassing moment that you want to tip and realize you’re only carrying plastic. 


Our couples massage classes are based on massage techniques our founder, Meagan Holub’s Celebrity clientele have requested of her for many years. When taking the massage class for two the first time, each partner will be instructed on the basic techniques featured in a professional back, neck and foot massage. Learning how to use your body weight, rather then upper body strength and making the massage an enjoyable experience for both partners is emphasized, as well as enhancing communication with your partner. You will walk away from this class giving a better, longer, massage then you ever thought possible. When taking this class a second time you will learn to safely and effectively massage the hands, arms and legs, (tip: ALWAYS rub towards the heart on the limbs to avoid blood clots and strokes). Each subsequent class you take, the instructor will teach you new tricks of the trade to enhance the massage experience for both of you by customizing the massage to suit you and your partner’s unique needs. We feel it’s best to buy the two classes right away for the package price in order to make sure you and your partner learn the to give a complete full body massage with the aid of a professional instructor that can assist you in giving the absolute best full body massage you can give one another, while remaining within important safety parameters.


For two reasons: The first is to guarantee safe banking channels. If you schedule online no one sees your credit card information, but you. The second reason is to uphold the quality of these classes. They are small, filled with high quality, high cost equipment, and require a great amount of set up for each couple attending. In order to keep the classes in gorgeous locations, great neighborhoods and taught by Meagan Holub’s hand selected and trained expert instructors, at reasonable prices, online scheduling is required. As a company we are always striving to give the best possible customer service within our capabilities. We tried having an answering service and found it lacking in many ways. Quite simply, it wasn’t up to our standards. We have found that answering customer questions online is far more accurate than over the phone while our small company is expanding. You can contact us during business hours for same day response at AskCupid@The-Love-Lab.com.


Everyone and anyone that loves a good massage, is looking to develop a new skill set or bond with a loved one! We believe everyone should want to know how to give a world class massage. (Being on the receiving end is not so bad either). While these classes are often couples – friends and family members are welcome and have left us great reviews. The class is designed so that everyone feels comfortable. We do our best to educate, inspire, and provide a unique learning experience so every person attending leave with good memories as well as a solid foundation for this valuable lifelong skill.


You do not have a partner to bring to class. Two people are required to attend the class. No exceptions. Do not attend if you or your partner has any major health concerns or illnesses, lesions, wounds or cystic acne in the areas being massaged. Do not attend if you are not able to be accommodated on a 500 lb. capacity table including work weight (pressure applied while massaging). Please do not attend if you are late stage pregnant (you may attend if you are second term, low risk pregnant, but please alert us before class begins so that the massage may be custom designed for you and the baby. You will be asked to bring 3 regular size and shape bed pillows to accomodate you in a sidelying position). If you have any questions about these contraindications, please email us at AskCupid@The-Love-Lab.com. All information is confidential. We do not accept responsibility for any individuals that attend class with contraindicated conditions and/ or have adverse reactions that result in illness or injury and we reserve the right to not admit such individuals into class.


48 hours notice is required to cancel/ reschedule to avoid a charge of 100% of the cost of the class. Emergency situations with written documentation or receipt are exempt from this policy. Late arrivals are not admitted into class. Doors open for class at 10 minutes till scheduled start time, and are then closed and locked at 1 minute after start time. Every classroom space is located in a neighborhood full of coffee shops and boutique stores for your enjoyment, so please aim to be early and relax in one of these environments before class to make sure you are not late. We don’t want you to miss class. Because of the unique nature of the class we don’t allow late arrivals in order to respect the comfort level and boundaries of those already on the massage table. If you arrive late, you will be asked to reschedule for a small fee to cover the cost of hosting two classes for you. These policies allow us to guarantee a safe, comfortable class experience for all attendees. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Scheduling a class with a daily deal is no different than without. You will be asked to hold your appointment with a credit card to uphold the agreed to polices, just like other attendees. The credit card is not accessible to anyone other than the scheduling system and will not be charged unless you have been determined to be in violation of the cancellation/ no show policy and do not have proof of emergency. Unfortunately there is no where to mention your daily deal voucher number in the schedule when signing up; however, all you need to do is to select the “Reserve a class with a voucher” button instead of the regular “Reserve a class” button when scheduling. This will alert us that you are a Daily Deal purchaser and we’ll be prepared to accept your voucher number at the door. Just be sure bring your voucher (or other proof of purchase) with you to class for admittance, to avoid an entry fee charge. 


We ask that you use your voucher before the expiration date. If your voucher is about to expire and you would like an extension please email us with a request. We may also be able to swap your Daily Deal voucher out for one of our gift Certificates in order to give you an additional 12 months, for no additional charge. Just email us asking about either at www.the-love-lab.com. Once expired, you can use your voucher amount towards another class as if it is a gift certificate, for up to five years. For example, if you paid $60 for the voucher and it expired in May, you can set up a class in July for $135 and subtract the $60 credit from it, leaving a balance of only $75. We make sure to offer enough classes to every one of our customers within the 6 month expiration period, but immediately after a deal runs and one month before it expires, you may find it difficult to schedule on a specific date as the classes are full. Classes are first come first serve, so please get scheduled into a class early, in advance, to avoid the rush.


I’ve been saying for many years “If everyone got a massage each day there would be less war in the world”. Whether this is true or not it is true that healthy, loving touch in relationships asks nothing of you other than a few minutes each day. But first, you need to understand how to give a massage that your partner enjoys. So often we are shy to give a massage, feeling that we are not good enough at it, or we give our partner what WE want from a massage and they give is what THEY want until both parties give up on the idea, or more commonly one of the pair gets tired hands rather quickly and believes it will always be that way. The truth is, when you are taught how to use your core and your entire body, rather than just your hands, giving a massage is not tiring in the least. It’s also true that after two short of hours of personalized instruction by myself and my hand selected team of Massage Therapists, you will leave this class with an entirely new way of looking at giving your partner a massage. What once may have felt like a chore for one or both of you will be a fun, bonding experience. You may even learn to communicate better, through the enhanced communication that comes with touch. Words can’t describe it; you’ll just have to see for yourself!
It’s in my nature to find every reason I can to bring more love in the world. I look forward to sharing my gift with you and your VIP.
Meagan Holub